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Pocho is also a restaurant in San Vito lo Capo. The Restaurant came up before the Hotel from Marilù's passion for the cuisine. One sentence, which is found in the border of the daily menu, well explains the guide-lines of the restaurant...

“Show me another pleasure that, like dinner, comes every day and lasts one hour”

Taillerand 1754 - 1838

Only one menu is proposed that changes from day to day and depends on what the market has to offer (Marilù shops there personally every morning). It is usually fish-based, and always includes an aperitif with a first small entrèe, a second entrèe, a fish-based first course, a first course that is not fish-based, a second course with vegetables and a choice of dessert.

The culinary proposal of our restaurant in San Vito lo Capo is based on strong ties to the cuisine of the Palermo area and of the Trapani area, but it ranges also in the cuisine of the Mediterranean area and in its relationships with the territory and its products, interpreted with vivacity and inventiveness in a magical atmosphere.

In summer the dinner is served in a magnificent terrace on a cliff overlooking the sea, a small angle of Paradise: the beautiful dark wooden tables, the squared lines of the panoramic balcony, the deep blue of the sea, the rosy slopes of the mountains  and in front of you the magic Gulf of Cofano. Finally, unique and unrepeatable, the moment in which the sun dives in the sea and the burning red of the sunset slowly vanishes in the colours of night.

In other seasons, the reception hall, where marionettes, puppets, paintings and litographs, crockery from the past and souvenirs from the stage are on display, helps to create that unique feeling that you are the much-awaited guests of a warm and refined, authentically Sicilian home.

Only on Sundays, Marilù proposes a menu with various kinds of “couscous”. In the morning, during its preparation, it is possible to attend a workshop on how semolina, the base ingredient, is prepared and cooked. You will learn how to “incocciare” (transform the semolina in small lumps) the couscous by hand and in the evening you will eat the real “couscous” of the Trapani area: “hand-made steam cooked couscous of biological Sicilian grains”.

Sometimes, at evening's end, Marilù  entertains her guests by singing Sicilian folk songs from her repertoire while accompanying herself on her guitar and "lucanetto". Her field research allows her to provide a brief history of the most noteworthy aspects of Sicilian folk songs during the course of her performance.

The restaurant is open only in the evening and on Sundays also for lunch (till June 15 and from September 15).

For its exclusive location Pocho fits very well to small meetings, events and private parties.

The price of the daily menu, wine excluded, is  €. 38.00 per person

A children's menu is always available (approximately €. 20.00).

A menù for celiac and vegetarian persons is available on request.

In case of food intollerances, you are kindly requested to inform the direction when booking.

A list of regional wines is available, which includes a wide selection of between-meal wines.

Prenota subito il tuo tavolo al numero +39 0923.972525


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